SatCan Space Support Program (SSP)

Direct Support to Small and Medium Enterprises 

Services Available to IRAP-approved members of Satellite Canada Innovation Network

Note: SSP 2.0 is closed and SSP 3.0 will start soon. You can apply now.


  • The SSP 2.0 (government fiscal year 2019/2020) has ended for this year.

  • We begun planning the new SSP 3.0 (government fiscal year 2020/2021) and expect to start in May/June 2020.

  • Fill out this form to sign up for next year’s program.

  • It will be a first come, first served basis.

SatCan Space Support Program (SSP)
Update: 2020/21 Program Details 
SatCan Space Support Program (SSP)

New, lost-cost approaches to building and operating smaller satellites and robust space technologies is changing the space ecosystem. These changes are enabled by IT, AI, 3D printing, industrial processes and other advancements.

Who is SSP for and what does it do?

  • SSP is designed to provide solutions for start-up and Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) companies.

The goals of this project are:

  • To help Canadian Small-Medium Enterprises (SME's) understand the opportunities and challenges in the Canadian and global ecosystem, key players/partners, and;

  • To help Canadian SMEs devise strategies to develop technology, products and applications for the LEO market, and better establish themselves in the supply chain.


Drive Growth and Global Excellence for the Canadian Space Technology and Industry

  • Accelerate support to small-medium business

  • Develop skills in the sector with a targeted space curriculum

  • Position key technology contributions to large commercial and government projects (SME, Academia)

  • Access to a premier network of innovation partners, international government agencies, commercial space organizations, academia, funding and facilities.

  • Connect industry to International Commercial and Government Projects (Europe, US, Canada, others).

  • Support upstream technology development and grow downstream space applications.


Innovative technology and engineering are employed by Canadian SME’s, but require wider business support navigating contracts, business, marketing, finance and policy to scale up to viable companies that will feed into the Canadian Economy.

  • Market positioning. Who are potential competitors, suppliers, clients, partners?

  • Market influences. Assess ecosystem activity, global economy, geo-political factors.

  • Downstream markets. What are end user cases? What is needs now and in the future?

  • Go-to market strategy. How to deliver the product or service? What pricing model to use? Who is the customer?

  • Business case. Build the business case. What do investors need to see?


Each SME receives a custom plan. These are sample services:

  • Access to Expert Advisors

  • Industry/Government/Academia Partners, Skills Development.

  • Design and Certification Support

  • Options for hardware and software certification for Space Environment.

  • Business Support

  • Options for business models and financial opportunities, introductions to commercial experts and market reports.

  • Growth in International Markets

  • Research on global space technology and business ecosystems.

  • Access to IP

  • Facilitate access to government/academia and partner technology.

  • Facilitate Networking Opportunities

  • Conferences, introductions to key partners and organizations.

  • Specialist Consulting Support

  • Provision of research, administrative support and other necessary informed services by skilled individuals, in order to support high level works.

To learn more about how the SSP can directly benefit SME’s click here.


The strength of SatCan is to leverage services, skills, business contacts and associations to provide a full suite of support to the space technology industry in Canada.  


SatCan will leverage a broad spectrum of skills and expertise from a combination of our internal team and a roster of national industry experts.