What is the OSC?

The Optical SatCom Consortium (OSC) is a member-based group that brings together technology innovators, technology suppliers, product manufacturers, and end users. The main goal of our consortium is to share research and realize the goal of making internet access available to every person in Canada, no matter if they live in rural or remote areas.


In 2018, the Government of Canada gave the mandate to the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to bring together key contributors to create new technologies and a value chain to improve broadband connectivity in remote and rural communities in Canada. Out of that initiative, the Optical SatCom Consortium was born.


The Optical SatCom Consortium is made up of a diverse group of scientists, researchers, engineers, and organizations from across Canada that wish to share ideas and research in the field of optical satellite communication. Through this collaborative approach, they help each other, and Canada, succeed.

Becoming a member of the Optical SatCom Consortium gives you and your organization access to cutting edge research, quarterly news updates, and group events where you can share ideas and learn from others. Different membership options are available. Apply here.

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How To Join

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