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What We Do

The Optical SatCom Consortium (OSC or Consortium) is a consortium that brings together technology innovators, technology suppliers, product manufacturers and end users working to position Canada’s industries to be research leaders in Photonics for Satellite Communications.


The Consortium has a number of ongoing research and development projects, each targeted at improving specific aspects of optical satellite communications technology. The Consortium also has ongoing efforts to establish the technical road map for Canada’s future in optical satellite communications, in particular to benefit northern and rural communities.


The Consortium was formed among corporations, institutions, organizations and SMEs. Members continue to join and a list of our current members can be seen here.

The OSC continually seeks new members, throughout the value chain, to enhance the project teams that have already begun technology development in key areas related to optical and photonic satellite communications.



In 2018, the Government of Canada tasked the National Research Council of Canada to deliver the High-throughput and Secure Networks Challenge program (HTSN), an initiative to develop new technologies to improve broadband connectivity in rural and remote communities across Canada.


In November 2018, HTSN held a series of consultations to discuss its priorities and how it could bring together the necessary resources to help the program develop its work and meet its objectives. By March 2019, HTSN began discussions with Satellite Canada Innovation Network (SatCan) to form the Optical Satellite Communications Network.


On September 1, 2019 the Optical SatCom Consortium (OSC or Consortium) was formed by agreement among HTSN and 14 other founding corporations, institutions, organizations and SMEs.​

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