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Satellite Canada Innovation Network

Canada's Space Technology Gateway

SatCan is a not-for-profit organization working to advance Canadian global competitiveness in commercial space, technology and development. We work to support the Canadian space sector in many ways, such as:

  • Executing programs that provide direct support to commercial companies;

  • Managing consortia that work together to develop next generation space technology; and

  • Promoting Canada’s space industry on the world stage to demonstrate Canadian capabilities.

SatCan is a neutral third party that is positioned to deliver support and programmes available from public and private sources.

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A concept of global internet connection

SatCan is an engineering and business services organization offering extensive support to companies in the satellite telecom and space technology sectors.

Through our extensive network of contacts and consultants, and our depth of experience across multiple business and engineering disciplines, SatCan can help you gain access to space technology programs, complement your program efforts with key skills and resources, or lead and staff a complete project. 


The SatCan team brings a broad set of skills - most importantly, passion, energy, and a massive depth of experience and relationships from which connections will be made and industry-leading expertise found to provide the best commercialization services to our members.  

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