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PROJECT SUMMARY - Low Earth Orbit Satellite Communications

There is a rising boom in satellite communications systems planned for Low Earth Orbit (Telesat, Kepler, Helios Wire, Space X, OneWeb, LEOSat and more). These systems are incredibly complex and challenging but offer the opportunity of vastly expanded capability for telecommunications, earth observation and IOT on a global scale. 

The goals of this project are:

  • To help Canadian Small-Medium Enterprises (SME's) understand the opportunities and challenges of LEO Satcom systems, the global ecosystem, key players/partners, and;

  • To help Canadian SMEs devise strategies for exploiting their capabilities for developing technology, products and applications for the LEO market, and better establish themselves in the supply chain.

  • Develop understanding of the technical and programmatic differences in the requirements specific to LEO vs GEO vs terrestrial systems.

  • Provide SMEs with an understanding on the wide variety of rural Canadian communications requirements (Enterprise, Consumer, Wireless extension, IOT, Entertainment).

  • Organize opportunities to introduce SMEs to the major players in LEO satcom value chain.

  • Guide SMEs through applicable funding opportunities (e.g. Strategic Innovation Fund).

  • Provide information from experienced consultants for SMEs to develop market and technology development strategic plans​​.


  • Marketing to eligible SME's: While SatCan does have a substantial list of eligible SME's to start with, there are more organizations, particularly in applications development that would benefit from this service.

  • Engage SME's: Kickoff Meetings with each SME to start an engagement aimed at developing specific strategies for the SME in this market, along with collaborations of multiple companies where it makes sense.

  • Educate SME's about LEO challenges, opportunities and major players: Provide an understanding of the LEO and rural broadband global ecosystem including basic systems differences between typical GEO and LEO Satcom, and what the potential opportunities could be.

  • Facilitate strategic discussions: SatCan will make initial introductions for SMEs to potential partners within the LEO supply chains.

  • Inform and educate SME's: Work with SMEs to develop their strategic LEO Satcom plan, including options for funding, business models and technical strategy.


The value for Canadian SME's is in accelerating their integration into the rapidly developing LEO Satcom ecosystem. The many LEO constellation projects currently underway globally represent a significant investment in space and applications development.  This presents Canadian companies with a tremendous opportunity to participate in this global growth in space technology investment, and to become part of the supply chains and downstream applications development that will result from this new capability.


For SME's that are challenged with the development of extensive market analysis and strategy internally, adding SatCan’s expertise will help build their knowledge of this opportunity, and define clear strategies and plans for entry into the LEO market through a better understanding of:

  • LEO technology - opportunities and challenges

  • The LEO market and "ecosystem" including the extensive global supply chain

  • Strategic business and technology planning

  • Introductions and networking to key industry players throughout the value chain


The strength of SatCan is to leverage the services, skills, business contacts and associations to provide a full suite of support to the space technology industry in Canada.  


SatCan will leverage a broad spectrum of skills and expertise from a combination of our internal team and a roster of national industry experts for this project.

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